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Welcome to the future of legal case management.

Meet the last case management system your firm will ever need.

A firm in a box

Run your entire firm on one piece of software. Eallium provides all of the case management services you would expect, as well as serving as an integration system, holiday booking system, intranet and managing partner blog. The only thing it can’t do is practice law, but we’re working on it.

Any device, any platform.

Eallium is a responsive web based CMS, which means it doesn’t matter what device you log in with. Eallium will automatically adjust to function on the devices used by your lawyers, be it your desktop PC, your laptop, phone or tablet. Goodbye bulky work laptop, hello freedom.

Focused on security.

Security is everything to a law firm. Every paid firm is provided a separate legal cloud, running on an individual server instance, meaning your data is isolated from the data of other firms. Better yet, your data is encrypted at rest and in transit, minimising the risk of data breach. Music to your COLP’s ears.

Cost effective.

Our technology is cutting edge, and we’re dedicated to passing those savings onto you. Access to the Eallium platform is transparent, £35 per user per month. Plus, if you have under 5 fee earners, access to Eallium is completely free.


Anywhere. Any device. Any operating system.

Eallium is a responsive case management system.

Mobile ready.

No compromises, Eallium is optimised for mobile and tablet use.

Simple time recording.

Record time accurately with just a few clicks.


Eallium keeps it simple, and actions are processed more efficiently as a result.


Easy admin.

No unnecessary processes. Just speed and efficiency.

One click billing.

Multiple bills can be generated at the click of your fingers (or mouse).

Digital court ready.

Eallium uses the same technology as the digital court platforms.

Why else is Eallium awesome?

Eallium comes bundled with all sorts of applications to make your lawyer's lives easier.

Document Generation.

Easily set up any document you want to pre-populate with Eallium using our simple back end web-hook system. Simply upload a document to Eallium, add in some pre-determined tags, and boom, you're generating legal documents left right and centre.

Simple backend.

Our simple back end functionality makes your IT team’s lives much easier. You won’t need to phone us every five minutes or bother that one member of staff unofficially charged with the firm's IT issues (even though they secretly love it).

Hello entrepreneurs.

We want to make it as easy as possible for solicitors who want to start their own firms, or smaller firms who want to expand but don’t want to pay astronomical fees for a CMS. Within minutes a new firm can have an Eallium CMS instance up and running with HR functionality, intranet and emails all ready to go. You just worry about all that SRA stuff.

Hey, good looking.

Your lawyers hate clunky looking, slow and inefficient software, but not as much as we do. Eallium firm displays statistics in an appealing and pleasing way. No more ugly bar charts, no more grey boxes from windows 98.

Features from the future.

Eallium is built with the technology of the law firms of the future.

AI Ready

Eallium will eventually come equipped with an AI paralegal built in. Ask it to carry out research, open a file or dictate an attendance note. We supply the army of robotic support staff so you can worry about the fee earning.

Eallium is Big Data

Eallium will automatically analyse the statistics and trends within your firm and provide analytics straight to your management team. But it won’t stop there, it’ll keep a track of trends within the legal profession in general, and feed it to you via its simple graphs. Want to know how family lawyers are performing in your local area? We’ve got an app for that.

Your legal cloud.

Say goodbye to that large server stack taking up space in your firm and let us worry about your data. Your entire database can be stored within Eallium’s cloud, accessible anywhere, anytime. If Eallium determines that your firm needs more computing firepower, our servers will automatically allocate this to you, say goodbye to system slowdowns.

Office on board.

Any firm with an office 365 subscription can plug it straight into Eallium. Access word, excel and outlook all from within Eallium on any device without the need to purchase their standalone software. If you don’t want to pay for Office 365 it won't stop you using Eallium, just use your own preferred email software.

Transparent pricing.

CMS are usually expensive, and the monthly cost is hidden behind a sales team you don’t want to talk to. We’re committed to transparency, so you can find all of our pricing options below.

Plus, if you have less than 5 fee earners, access to the platform is completely free.

Stay only if you want to, we only offer 30 day rolling contracts, and if you want to leave, we’ll make your database as easy to transfer for you as possible.

£ 0 /month/user
  • Eallium access is free if you have 5 fee earners or less.
  • Free for the first six months if you're a startup.
  • 100GB free storage.
£ 35 /month/user
  • 5+ Fee Earner Support.
  • Unlimited database Storage.
  • Your own legal cloud.
Data transfer
£ 35 /hour
  • We make it as easy as possible for you to send your database to us, but if you would rather we did it for you then we’re happy to help. Because databases vary so much it’s difficult to put a price on this without knowing a bit more about your database.
  • If you need help migrating your database to us just get in touch.