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Eallium’s Futuristic Features

Eallium CMS is designed to bring all firms, no matter what shape or size, into the future. After all, why should only magic circle firms have access to AI and big data?

Eallium is designed to be lightweight, meaning we’ve thrown out a lot of the inefficiencies usually seen within legal case management.

A Free Case Management System?

First and foremost, Eallium is designed to be accessible to all firms. If you have less than 5 fee earners, access to the Eallium platform is free, the only charges are storing your database in our legal cloud. Otherwise, it’s just £35 per user per month. Bargain.

Why are we giving away Eallium for free? Technology and law is very important, and as many practice areas become restricted by budget cuts from (Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders (2012) it’s more important than ever for firms to have efficient technology in place. Making this technology affordable, and in some cases free, can only help increase the efficiency of firms, and in turn, restore access to justice. We’ve also seen firms and clients torn apart by the Legal Aid, and we want to help bring an end to that.


Our longer term plans include implementing an “AI” assistant into Eallium that will essentially act as a paralegal. Ask it to open files with you, save documents to a matter, transcribe attendance notes etc. This will make it easier for smaller firms who aren’t in a position to hire reams of support staff. Eventually this assistant will able to speak to clients, and answer routine questions about their cases, meaning less time on the phone.

Big Data

Eallium will create a network which will provide statistics on the legal profession to all Eallium users. Access and follow trends within the profession and plan your business strategies accordingly.

Office 365 On Board

We’re working with Microsoft to ensure that Eallium plugs straight into Office 365. So provided you have an Office 365 subscription you won’t need seperate license for word/excel/outlook, all of these can be accessed right within Eallium, which means you can access them on any device in your firm. No more need for Citrix.

A Firm in a Box

We want to make it as easy as possible for entrepreneurial solicitors to start their own firms in an easy, efficient and well structured way. So not only is Eallium free for startups, as well as providing case management services, Eallium acts as a cloud based HR/holiday booking system, firm intranet, managing partner blog and more. Start your own firm with just a computer (and, you know, start up capital and SRA authorisation).

Eallium is scheduled to be released in 2019. Eallium is currently in beta, and as such features and prices are subject to change.