Regulating Robot Lawyers?

The media is running rampant with stories of legal AI and robot lawyers. In reality we're a long way away from true artificial intelligence, but if and when robot lawyers do get here, have you ever thought about how they might be regulated?

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Eallium CMS's Futuristic Features.

Eallium is built using technology from the law firms of the future, and is designed to surge firms towards technological superiority. What's more, it's free for all firms with five fee earners or less. Awesome.

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Eallium and the Beakstalk.

Eallium is an agile cloud based case management system that uses Amazon Web Server's revolutionary beanstalk technology. Find out why this makes Eallium more secure, more reliable and much faster than your current CMS.

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What is Eallium?

Welcome to Eallium. We're a team of lawyers and software developers dedicated to bringing affordable technology to the legal profession in order to combat the devastating cuts and increase access to justice.

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